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Apr 17

Wednesday Tip: Divide Your Storage

So sorry for the absence of a Wednesday tip last week! I got back from my first real vacation trip in 10 years, and then got engaged (yay!), so it was a bit of a hectic week.
If you have deep cabinets or drawers, a trunk, or some other big container, you know the danger of a storage abyss. The stuff in the back and at the bottom gets forgotten and you end up just skimming off the top. Try dividing the storage with boxes, bins, Ziploc bags so that like items stay together and everything stays accessible.
Even small storage becomes more functional when it’s divided. I had a small basket for remotes and such, and I felt like I was constantly digging through it, which was just plain annoying. When I saw this picnic cutlery caddy at Target last summer, my organizer wheels started turning. It makes a perfect remote holder since they stand on end and are super easy to grab, and the divisions mean that the headphones and iPod connectors don’t get tangled anymore.
Think outside the box and get creative dividing up your storage!

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