Organizing Tips

May 22

Wednesday Tip: Banish “Miscellaneous” From Your Vocabulary


We all have one: the secret stash of stuff we can’t figure out how to classify, surreptitiously and unceremoniously shoved in a drawer, a box, or a bowl. Abashedly termed a “junk drawer” by most, the things it holds are anything but junk. It’s usually small stuff you need close at hand, but haven’t made a home for. But guess what? There’s nothing wrong with having a junk drawer. Yep, you heard me. The problem isn’t the drawer, the problem is the lack of division in the drawer. This photo is from an awesome client who needed a handy place for things like tip money, gum, safety pins, and a few other things that came and went with her. The problem was, without any division, she was rooting through the drawer to find what she needed, wasting time. By simply adding a few boxes (iPhone boxes work great for this) for each category, we eliminated the searching and frustration. So give me your tired, your poor, your huddled rubber bands and Sharpies, and divide up that junk drawer.

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