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May 01

Use What You’ve Got: How to repurpose and revamp your way to a gorgeous, organized home

This time of year always makes me itch for change. Everything’s so shiny and cheerful, and I’m at my most motivated in the spring. After the cold, gloomy winter, I always want to make my home feel fresh and new, which can easily spiral into spending way too much money on new things. Instead of buying stuff to spruce up my space, I’m focusing on repurposing and revamping the stuff I already have. It’s budget-friendly and requires me to get into creative problem-solving mode, which is always fun.
First, decide what feels stale or boring and how you’d like to change it. Sometimes just rearranging the furniture is enough to make a space feel entirely new. Adding pops of color by painting your couch legs, a side table, or a door frame is a great way to have a big impact for very little money. You can get small paint samples for $5-$7, which is definitely enough paint for one of these projects.  I recently lined one of my doorways with wide neon pink washi tape from Freckled Fawn (cheap, easy, and removable!) and I’m totally in love with the fun, cheerful effect.
Next, take a look at the things you’re no longer using and see how they might be revamped to make them more appealing or repurposed for use somewhere else. I’ve written posts about how to makeover a lampcreate an inexpensive cupcake stand, and paint yogurt containers to make cute office supply organizers. You can also check out my ideas for repurposing shoe racksoffice organizers, and tissue boxes.
Don’t limit your imagination when it comes to this kind of project. Try it, and if it doesn’t work, try something else!

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