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Jun 19

Pick Your Summer Project

Even though I don’t have the summer off anymore since I left teaching, I still think of these steamy months as a time for relaxing and getting caught up on stuff I got too busy to do during the rest of the year. I also like the idea of having seasonal projects, because there’s a max three month time limit.

1. Pick your summer project
Please note, I didn’t say projects. Choose one thing that would be super awesomely fantastic to get done. It might be to organize your closet, read all those books that’ve piled up, or try some of those recipes you’ve been pinning. If you get it done and want to move on to something else, great, but this is your self-identified main priority.
2. Break it down (with your bad self)
I know you’re tired of me saying that projects are not to-do items, but it’s so easy to forget, so I’m going to keep reminding you they’re not! If you want to organize your closet, you’ve got to set aside time to research clothing donation spots in your area, sort and purge your clothes, take stuff to donation, decide what new storage items you need, procure said items, etc. Make a detailed list of what individual tasks make up your project.
3. Set some deadlines
Figure out (realistically) when you’ll tackle those tasks. Do you do best with a 20 minutes a day goal, or would you rather devote a big chunk of time more infrequently? Schedule a party for the end of the summer to keep you motivated to declutter your home. Invite friends over to try out your new recipes in a few weeks. Having something fun and celebrationesque at the end of your time line is a great way to stay motivated.

This summer I’ll be working on adding to and refining the Resources page on my website, including some new, original downloads to help you get organized! What projects are you going to be working on?

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