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Mar 06

Organizing Clothing Struggles: What to do with fat and skinny clothes

Like almost every woman I know, my weight fluctuates, sometimes wildly. As goes my weight, so goes the fit of my clothes. Deciding what to keep for when you fit in a smaller, previously worn size is a huge challenge for most people. I’m not going to tell you to get rid of every piece of clothing that doesn’t fit you right now, but there are some reasonable restrictions you can apply to keep your closet organized and relevant.
-Don’t keep your “fat” clothes, period. I’m not talking about that pair of jeans that’s a little bit big and perfect for days when you’re feeling bloated; I’m talking about honest-to-god clothes that are too big for you. I’ve found it to be dangerous to give myself leeway to go back up a size. Donate. Someone else will be truly grateful to have them.
-Don’t keep all of your “skinny” clothes. We’re much more prone to keep skinny clothes we hope to fit back in to, but only keep truly awesome, timeless pieces. You’re going to want to buy new clothes when you lose the weight anyway.
-Don’t keep your skinny clothes out with the clothes that fit you right now. That too-small dress hanging in your closet probably isn’t going to motivate you; it’s going to make you feel crappy that it doesn’t fit. There’s no reason (other than torturing yourself and hey, stop that!) to have to sift through clothes that don’t fit while you’re getting dressed every morning. Box them up, label the box with the size, and put them away.
What other clothing struggles do you have?

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