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Jan 03

3 Ways to Make 2013 Your Most Organized Year Ever

Happy 2013!  Most of us set intentions for the new year, and “get organized” is at the top of many people’s lists.  How to get organized is a huge topic, but use these three strategies to help you get started. 

1. Get off to a fresh start: set aside a few hours to toss expired medicine, toiletries, and food, as well as those you know you aren’t going to use.  Keep a shopping list nearby and add anything that you need to replace.  

2. Create monthly themes: instead of flitting from project to project, assign a room or theme to each month, and set aside a day or a few hours each week to work on projects.  Write out your plan and post it somewhere visible.  For example, January might be Clothing Month, and you choose 1 task per week to focus on (like sorting and purging clothes, adding new storage systems, getting clothes tailored and repaired, and noting and filling any holes in your wardrobe). Just don’t get too crazy with tons of goals and tasks every week.  Little changes make a big difference!

3. Link new habits to old ones: If you always watch TV at night, start bringing the day’s mail in with you and sort and toss. Do a quick pick up while you wait for your coffee or tea to brew.  Clean out your email inbox while you wait in line, and draft emails on the train.  You’re much more likely to stick with a new habit if it fits into your current routine.

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