Hall Closet

  • Multi-use closet was cluttered with unused and expired products.
  • Toiletries, linens, cleaning supplies, and household objects were mixed together, making it extremely difficult to find necessary objects.
  • Throw out old and expired products.
  • Designate drawers and bins for specific items, grouped together according to their use.

Kitchen Counter

  • Counter is cluttered with papers, including multiple to do lists and recipes to try.
  • Food and cleaning supplies clutter the counter.

Bedroom Closet

  • Difficulty finding items causes frustration.
  • Seldom used items take up valuable space.
  • Purses and baga are scattered throughout the closet.
  • Designate one closet for often worn items, and the other for more infrequently used items.
  • Use hanging racks to house objects for easy access and bins to group purses and bags.


  • Piles of papers make accessing important documents difficult.
  • Rarely used books clutter the surface.
  • Eliminate unnecessary papers and file others in an accordian file.
  • Use bookcase to house often used books and crates to store other books in the closet.
  • Use open bin to store paper and accessories for nearby printer,

Creative storage and display solutions

An old suitcase, repurposed as a fun side table, doubles as a storage solution for board games.
We reconstructed this unused suitcase into a bedside table with added storage benefits.
Beautifully bound hardcover books are transformed into shelves to display treasured items.