Organized Simplicity Client Testimonials

Leslie from Manhattan talks about the difference in her space and life since working with Organized Simplicity.
"My work space and closet space were a nagging source of stress. I had saved paperwork that I didn't need and couldn't find important documents when I needed them. Files and envelopes dominated my desk, and my closet was stuffed full of towels, toiletries, medicine, tools, and random electronics.
It sounds corny, but now my fiancé and I look into our closets together with a smile on our faces. It's no longer a source of anxiety, and with Caroline's help, we have avoided a lot of stress that couples feel when they move in together. Caroline helped us tackle an issue that we knew we needed to confront together, but had just put off because of our busy lives. There is so much more order and structure to my work space and closets, and everything is exactly where it should be. Best of all, I now have a system I can use to continue to keep myself organized in the future."
-Thomas, Manhattan
“My closets were packed with old items that I no longer needed and I had no proper work space for my son to do his homework. I needed a kick-start to get rid of all of the clutter which ultimately created a much nicer home for my son and me. Now, it's definitely easier figuring out what to wear because everything is organized. I feel like a better mom knowing that I took action to create a more comfortable home. The experience helped me to get over emotional hang-ups that I have about holding on to things. If certain items in your home have negative associations--just get rid of them!”
-Rebecca, Manhattan
"As a school teacher, I am constantly tackling an ever growing mound of paper in my home. The amount of papers quickly became overwhelming and anxiety provoking. In turn I procrastinated from grading my students work and even lost some of my students’ papers. Caroline helped me to organize a system that worked for me and that I have been able to maintain. My tabletops are no longer overflowing with clutter as a constant reminder of the work I have to do and I feel much more of a sense of calm in my space. I’m less stressed over the amount of paperwork I have to do and in turn am less likely to put things off until later. I have never been an “organized person” and believed this was just something I would have to live with. Caroline helped me learn strategies for becoming better organized and how to continue this process on my own in the future. "
-Jessica, Manhattan
"Before working with Caroline, our space was very cluttered and unorganized. Things were taking up space but not in a manner that was useful, which was very frustrating. Caroline had ideas and tips about storage and organizing that I hadn't considered, and now I have a more organized and useful space. I feel less stressed about certain areas of the apartment and I know where things are."
-Richard, Brooklyn
“The project of organizing my wardrobe had been looming over me for much longer than I care to admit. I was overwhelmed by how much clothing I had to sort through, and had stopped putting clean clothes away in my closet or dresser drawers for fear that they would be swallowed up by the beast! I had thought it was the kind of thing that would require an entire weekend to deal with and I was afraid of making things worse if I started and didn't follow through. By keeping me on task through our appointment, Caroline and I were able to make amazing progress in our 3 hour appointment. My significantly reduced wardrobe now fits nicely into my closet and dresser in a clean, efficient, and easily accessible way. The first few mornings of putting together the day's outfit have been completely refreshing. I now know exactly what my options are and where to find them!”
-Jennifer, Manhattan
“Before working with Caroline, my space was messy because I had too many things and no idea where to put them. Now everything has a set place, be it labeled or organized in a neat row or shelf.”
-Kimberly, Queens
"My kitchen was in somewhat of a working order but just didn't feel and flow right. It needed help or else it was headed into chaos. Caroline was patient and incredibly attentive to my concerns and focused on the issues I wanted to tackle. Her creativity and patience helped make the experience positive and calming upon completion. Everything is now in its place, and I no longer walk into a kitchen with too many items out on the counters."
-Bridget, Yonkers
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